House Bakes Mantecados - Traditional Spanish shortbread Polvorone - Spanish Almond Cookies Bunuelos de Viento - Fritters Alfajores Payes - dulce de leche cookies Almendrados - lemon almond biscuits Tarta de Fruta - seasonal fruit tarts Suspiros - chocolate and cinnamon merangues Croissant - Iberican ham, manchego cheese, marinated tomato, parsley Classic tortilla - slow cooked potatoes and onions, broccolini, melted manchego, olive tapenade Sausage and egg roll - Txistorra sausage and fried egg, piperade Coal smoked king fish - kitchen scrap kraut, shaved San Simon smoked cheese, sprouted cress, seeded rye bread Green bowl - bananas and coconut, “The Wild” rolled buckwheat clusters, raw mesquite, goji berries, dates and protein-rich hemp seeds. Acai bowl - pink dragon fruit, banana and chia seeds, berry cacao granola, coconut yoghurt, agave toffee apple Baked eggs - with slow cooked cannellini beans, chorizo and Basque piperade, crusty bread Catalan flat bread - pimenton scrambled eggs, spice crusted cauliflower, almond dukkah, beets, minted peas Corn fritters - spicy espellette labneh, wood roast cherry tomatoes and peppers, smashed avocado, crumbled Spanish blue Fire roast breaky bowl - farm vegetables, chick pea and braised kale romesco, brown rice quinoa, soft poached egg Crusty sourdough and tomato tostada - serrano ham, sumac fried eggs, quick onion pickle capers, lemon

El Matador Breakfast

El Matador Tapas

SEAFOOD CHILLED Cold shellfish on ice, served with salmorejo, alioli and lemon Alaskan king crab Moreton bay bugs Local King Prawns Handpicked mud crab OYSTERS Served natural w’ Leo’s slow cooked salmon, salmorejo and chorizo vinaigrette Wapengo Rock - NSW Clyde River Rock - NSW Shoalhaven Rock - NSW CAVIAR + ACCOMPAINIMENTS Calvisius Caviar - ITALY (30g) Sterling Caviar - USA (30g) Black Pearl Caviar - SIBERIA (30g) GRILLED/FRIED/BAKED Shellfish - simply grilled, garlic butter and lemon Local king prawns WA Marron Eastern rock Lobster Shark Bay scampi Pot roast whole fish - seasonal vegetables, saffron, Don Bocarte anchovies, cherry tomato, capers All local sand Whiting Yellowfin bream Dusky flat head Cedar plank baked Whole sides of fish - heirloom tomato, olives, salsa verde Hiramasa kingfish Goldband snapper King salmon Frazer Island sand Crab migas - pine nuts, kale, lemon Spring bay Mussels - Pipis, chorizo and cider Pescaito frito - today’s fish, prawns and calamari, flash fried, lemon, squid ink mayo Moreton bay Scollops in the ½ shell - serrano cream, parsley crumbs Seafood Paella Souvide octopus - rustic gazpacho, olive oil, lemon EL MATADOR MARISCADA/SEAFOOD PLATTER Today’s best seafood + Accompaniments CONSERVAS Served with tomato, capers, parsley, crusty bread Slow poached salmon Garfish Quill escabeshe Smoked hiramasa kingfish Spanish sardines Selection of country terrines and pate’s Boquerones - marinated white anchovy Pickled market vegetables Don Bocarte - anchovies Mojama - salted tuna Pickled seafood - garlic saffron, mustard seeds Pulpo seco - dry aged octopus salt and vinegar COLD TAPAS/PINCHOS check out our selection on the bar Verdiel green olives - preserved lemon, cumin, oregano Mount Zero mixed olives - manchego, rosemary, garlic Pan dela casa - flat bread, chorizo, rosemary Guindilla pickle - white anchovy olive Cold cuts - flat bread Ajo blanco - frozen grapes, compressed cucumber Gazpacho - olive, crostini Vegetables a la parrilla - crusty bread Monchego - sweet paprika honey Salt cod - slow poached with piperade HOT TAPAS from the kitchen Double black baby burger Hot dog - Txistorra sausage, mustard piperade, kitchen scrap kraut Patatas al o pobre - poor man’s potatoes with chorizo gratin Sticky pork ribs smoked paprika - ancho chilli, membrillo glaze Patatas bravas - spicy potatoes, handmade chilli, ailioli espuma Quesadilla - chorizo, machengo Moorish chicken skewers - mojo pico Cannalini beans - crispy pork, sherry vinegar Toasted almond cous cous - summer vegetables, harissa Beef cheek - pedro ximenez, cauliflower Bomba bacalao - salt cod fritters aiolli Albondingas - organic beef meatballs, manchego, parsley EMBUTIDOS/CHARCUTERIE In the humidor, served with pickled vegetables and kitchen scrap kraut. Our cured selection is all hand made by artisan producers Rodrigues brothers and La boqueria hailing from Spain to Sydney and Julian Martin, a family enterprise specialising in Iberian ham, remaining true to tradition, curing the legs with the mountain air through open windows for a minimum of 2 years. Established in 1933 in Guijuelo, Salamanca, known for Iberian pork Duroc Jamon Serrano, 18+ month, Gran Reserva Duroc the red hog from the Americas, imported to Spain in 1837, to complement the Iberian pig. Meat is known for intense red colour and great flavour. Gran reserve is min 14 months cured and produced in the Granada province Julian Martin Jamon Iberico de Cebo (shoulder) Guijuelo, Salamanca 60% Pure Iberico blood line and 40% Duroc Jersey pig fed on Natural cereals and Grains(cebo), 20-month cure Julian Martin Jamon Iberico Bellota Puro (leg) Guijuelo, Salamanca This extraordinary 100% pure iberico blood line, 30-month cure pig lives in an extraordinary ecosystem made up of woodland with holm oak trees, cork and “quejigos” (acorn trees) rich in oleic acids and responsible for the scent of the hams. Fruit falls from the trees, in season “montanera” from the end of October to February La Boqueria Chorizo, Iberian Peninsula Spanish Chorizo, dedicated to authenticity, prime ingredients and of course flavour, local pork and high quality Spanish spices, have produced an ‘award winning’, semi cured Chorizo Txistorra, Basque Txistorra Chistorra from Basque region, coal roast, flavoured with garlic, salt, and paprika, giving it a bright red colour and a smoky note Cecina cured beef, Leon Cold-smoked beef rump, salted, from local grass-fed Black Angus Australian beef in the style of Leon. Aromas of smoke due to the gentle cure and long rest Longaniza Roja, Andalucia From the Andalucia southern Spain. Traditionally made to be the length of the butcher's arm. Horse-shoe shaped Salami, very coarse grind, sweet Pork flavour with a strong paprika flavour and a mild background of pepper Salchi bosqe, Cataluña Made with the wild forest mushrooms Cataluña, dried and then rehydrated with Fino Shery. Slow maturation creates a long aromatic bouquet and a full flavoured pallet reminiscing of the forest of northern Spain Papada de Cerdo Spiced and salted and air dried Pig's Cheek Morcilla Andaluza, Andalusía Blood sausage, onion and spices. Soft to the palate, clean flavour with back fat and spices, served warm Butifarra Blanca, Catalonia Iconic Catalonia boiled sausage, flavoured with pork jowl grilled and served warm Mallorquina, Island of Mallorca Mallorquina is a delicacy originating from a 16th century Island of Mallorca. Traditionally hung around the fireplace to cure, sweet spicy, smoky spreadable fermented salami Longaniza Oscura, Barcelona This iconic salami made from pork leg and back-fat is deeply coloured and gently flavoured with squid ink Morcon Ahumado Picante, Castile and Leon region A Classic Spanish salami with Hot Chilli, Garlic, Sweet Paprika, Pepper, Coriander, Rum, Nutmeg Navarro Sierra de Segura, La Mancha region The mountainous region of ‘Sierra de Segura’ lies between the pimentón and saffron spice fields that have influenced this Spanish-style salami. Bright citrus notes bringing a balance of sweet and sour QUESO/CHEESE in the humidor served with house made membrillo, apple chutney, bark and our own ciabatta Manchego, La Mancha region - Sheep milk, hard Denomination of Origin label Quesos HM has been producing cheese for three generations. Located in "la Mancha" Toledo. The home of the legendary Don Quixote. Manchego has a distinctive flavour and an equally distinctive look. It can be recognized by a unique zigzag pattern in its rind, created by the press used to make it. It has an intense, zesty taste and a crumbly texture that's rich, full and slightly salty at the finish. Cheese is produced only from the milk of the Manchega sheep. Mahon Anejo, Menorca - cow’s milk, hard crumbly Unpasteurised raw cow’s milk has a sharp and lemony finish, with a hard-crumbly texture. Intense and delicious. Made by bagging the curd in a cotton cloth called "fogasser" and suspending it by its four ends. The maturing process of Mahón-Menorca cheese is carried out in the maturing cellars, where the cheese is subjected to the traditional rind treatment, consisting of a series of turning and spreading oil and/or pepper over the cheese. Azul de Valdeon, León province - goat/cow, soft mild The King of Spanish blue cheese produced in the province of León, in the heart of the Valle de Valdeón. This Cheese is only made in the "Picos de Europa" region by the cheese making company. Queserias Picois de Europa. It is made with goat’s and cow’s and matured in caves. It has a very strong flavour and high fat content and is slightly yellow with a soft texture. It's a rich and creamy cheese, milder that other blues from the area, with an excellent sweetness and tang and a nice earthiness at the ending. Cabra Pimenton, Alicante in Valencia- goats milk, semi hard Hand Made Goat Cheese is a perfect balance of creamy and acidic notes with the classic coating of Pimenton, made from goat milk from the best breeds of Castilla La Mancha. Traditional farming, using enzymatic curd but without pressing. This makes complexity and pleasant and intense flavour. San Simon, Galicia - Smoked cow milk, semi hard San Simon is a smoked cow’s milk cheese from Galicia in the shape of a teardrop. The subtle smoked flavour comes from ageing the cheese on birch wood. The distinct smoke flavour permeates and finishes creamy and luscious. Only four producers make this cheese in Spain. Garrotxa, Cataluña region - goats milk, semi soft Garrotxa (Goat milk cheese), was almost extinct but was revived by Catalonian young guns in cheese making in the Moianès region of Cataluña. Intense, fresh and slightly citric flavour, buttery texture and intense aroma. CARNE/MEAT Charcoal and applwood smoked overnight in our Pira oven Sovereign lamb shoulder - preserved lemon, sherry, rosemary 1000 guineas - rump cap mb2, mojo picon Moorish Barrowdale Pork - (Goondiwindi free range) “secreto”, mojo dulce Charcoal grilled Cape grim grass-fed ox short ribs mb4 - pimemton, black pepper rub, valdeon butter Inglewood farm ½ chicken - lemon brined, mojo verde Black onyx tomahawk mb3 - 275 day GF (new England Table lands), dry aged, 30 days, romesco Fairlight Veal chop - dry aged 30 days, piperade Cochinillo D.O SEGOVIA - ½ confit suckling pig allow 24 hrs notice SALADA/SALADS Ensalata mixta - classic Spanish salad of mixed leaves, seasonal vegetables, olives Tomato salad, jamon, manchego, toasted almonds